New Article by Beadle

The December 2017 issue of Whitechapel Society Journal contains a new article by William Beadle, “Was Ellen Bury Dismembered?”  In this short article Beadle cites medical and other evidence to refute the suggestion that Ellen Bury’s mutilations could have been an aborted attempt to dismember her body.  Issues of Whitechapel Society Journal are only available … [Read more…]

Halse, Warren and Bury

The Goulston Street Graffito is potentially an important piece of evidence in the Jack the Ripper case.  It was located in the doorway of a building housing many Jewish residents, and above a piece of apron that had been taken from Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes.   While it is true that chalked graffiti could be found … [Read more…]

Did Bury Pose the Bodies?

In their article, “The Jack the Ripper Murders,” Keppel, Weis, Brown and Welch stated that the signature characteristic of posing was evident in the Jack the Ripper murder series (1).  In their view the Ripper deliberately spread the legs of his victims in order to degrade them and to shock the discoverers of their bodies.  … [Read more…]