Confession Letter

[William Bury finally confessed to murdering his wife two days prior to his execution, after his request for a reprieve had been denied. He misspelled the word “strangulation” in the letter.]

H.M. Prison
April 22nd 1889

To the Rev E.J. Gough

Having made to you as a clergyman a complete acknowledgement of the circumstances of the unhappy crime for which I am now here.

I hereby give you authority to make public the following statement after my death.

I admit that it was by my own hands that my wife Ellen Bury met with her death.  On Feb 4th in the house 113 Princes Street Dundee by Stranglation.

But I solemnly state before God, as a dying man that I had no intention of doing so before the deed was done.

I have communicated to you my motive for the crime but as it concerns so closely the character of my wife I do not wish you to make it Known publicly.

And for this act of mine I ask the pardon of Almighty God trusting in His mercy to grant me that pardon which He is ever willing to give to those who are deeply sorry and truly penitent for their sins

I declare that as a dying man that this is the absolute truth

I remain yours obediently

William Henry Bury