Ogilvie Letter

[This document was forged by William Bury to persuade his wife Ellen to move with him to Dundee, Scotland.  Bury misspelled the name “Ogilvie” as “Ogilvy” at the beginning of the letter, and then strangely misspelled it again as “Egilvy” at the end of the letter.]

January 12 / 1889

We Mesrs Malcom Ogilvy & Co Lim Dundee
Do here By agree to take into our
Employ Wh & en. Bury of No 3
Spanby Road.  London.  E.
for aperiod of 7 years

Wages for W.H.B. 2 £ per Week
Wages for E.B. 1  £ per Week
To Enter on Duty as soon as Possible
Travelling Expenses Will Be allowed
after 1 Month from Date of Entering Employ

Mesrs Malcom Egilvy & Co

W.H. Bury
Pro tem Ellen Bury

Witness William James Hawkins