Did Scotland Yard Clear William Bury?

In assessing William Bury’s connection to the Jack the Ripper murders, some Ripperologists have expressed the reservation that they believe that Scotland Yard must have investigated Bury and cleared him.  Let’s take a quick look at the facts that pertain to this issue. There are no extant police records which indicate that Scotland Yard either … [Read more…]

Bury’s DNA Profile Obtained

According to a report in the June 2021 issue of Whitechapel Society Journal, William Bury’s DNA profile has been obtained (1).  Bury was executed in 1889, and prior to his burial, cervical vertebrae were removed from his body. The bones have apparently been in continuous storage at Dundee University since that time.  Investigative journalist Michael … [Read more…]

Bury and the Smith Murder

As I noted in Postidentification Ripperology, the identification of William Bury as Jack the Ripper still leaves a number of the Whitechapel murders unsolved, and one of these is the murder of the prostitute, Emma Smith, who was assaulted very early on the morning of April 3, 1888, and who died from an infection related … [Read more…]

Was Ellen the Real Target?

While the signature evidence and supporting evidence show that William Bury was Jack the Ripper, his motivation for committing the Ripper murders remains unknown.  Bury does not seem to have ever confessed to the murders, and so we can only speculate about his motive.  There are at least two reasonable possibilities, one or both of … [Read more…]