Was Ellen the Real Target?

While the signature evidence and supporting evidence show that William Bury was Jack the Ripper, his motivation for committing the Ripper murders remains unknown.  Bury does not seem to have ever confessed to the murders, and so we can only speculate about his motive.  There are at least two reasonable possibilities, one or both of … [Read more…]

Postidentification Ripperology

It’s been nearly five years now since the first publication of the Bury ID and the ID has stood the test of time within the highly partisan world of Ripperology.  There is detailed signature evidence linking William Bury to five of the Jack the Ripper murders.  The specific combination of signature characteristics seen in the Ellen … [Read more…]

New Edition of Macpherson Book

Macpherson, Euan. The Trial of Jack the Ripper [updated edition]. Edinburgh: Mainstream Publishing, [2018]. A 2018 update of Euan Macpherson’s 2005 The Trial of Jack the Ripper is now available as a Kindle e-book from Amazon. The book includes a foreword by Sue Black, the anatomist and forensic anthropologist, formerly of the University of Dundee, … [Read more…]

Schwartz and Eyewitness Memory

It is well understood by Ripperologists that eyewitness descriptions often contain inaccuracies, and so it is tempting for researchers to pay little heed to the various descriptions of Jack the Ripper provided by the eyewitnesses in the case.  Memory research is a complex and rapidly evolving area of psychology, and some interesting studies have appeared … [Read more…]