New Edition of Macpherson Book

Macpherson, Euan. The Trial of Jack the Ripper [updated edition]. Edinburgh: Mainstream Publishing, [2018]. A 2018 update of Euan Macpherson’s 2005 The Trial of Jack the Ripper is now available as a Kindle e-book from Amazon. The book includes a foreword by Sue Black, the anatomist and forensic anthropologist, formerly of the University of Dundee, … [Read more…]

Schwartz and Eyewitness Memory

It is well understood by Ripperologists that eyewitness descriptions often contain inaccuracies, and so it is tempting for researchers to pay little heed to the various descriptions of Jack the Ripper provided by the eyewitnesses in the case.  Memory research is a complex and rapidly evolving area of psychology, and some interesting studies have appeared … [Read more…]

Bury in Two Recent Suspect Overviews

Williams, Paul.  Jack the Ripper Suspects: The Definitive Guide and Encyclopedia.  [Toronto]: VP Publications, an Imprint of RJ Publishing, 2018. C.J. Morley.  Jack the Ripper Suspects.  CreateSpace, 2018. In their respective books Williams and Morley have taken on the monumental task of describing the large number of individuals who at one time or another have … [Read more…]

William Bury’s Height

The standard view is that William Bury was 5 feet 3½ inches tall.  This is the height given in Euan Macpherson’s The Trial of Jack the Ripper (1) and William Beadle’s Jack the Ripper Unmasked (2) and these authors are evidently using the February 12, 1889 editions of The Dundee Advertiser and The Dundee Courier, the two newspapers that … [Read more…]

James Berry Letter Auctioned

A letter written by James Berry two days after he executed William Bury was recently made available at an auction in the United Kingdom.  The Courier reported that the letter sold for £1,300, about two or three times what was estimated.  A reproduction of the letter and information about it is available through this link.  Stewart … [Read more…]