James Berry Letter Auctioned

A letter written by James Berry two days after he executed William Bury was recently made available at an auction in the United Kingdom.  The Courier reported that the letter sold for £1,300, about two or three times what was estimated.  A reproduction of the letter and information about it is available through this link.  Stewart … [Read more…]

Outcome of Mock Trial

On February 3, a mock retrial of William Bury for the murder of his wife Ellen Bury took place in Dundee, Scotland.  Lord Hugh Matthews, a Scottish Supreme Court justice, commanded the trial.  The two sides, mooting societies from the University of Dundee (prosecution) and the University of Aberdeen (defense), were each able to call … [Read more…]

Mock Trial of William Bury

A mock jury trial of William Bury will take place on February 3, 2018 at Dundee Sheriff Court in Dundee, Scotland.  Mooting societies from the University of Dundee and the University of Aberdeen will debate whether Bury murdered his wife Ellen in Dundee in 1889, and a Scottish Supreme Court justice will oversee the trial.  … [Read more…]

New Article by Beadle

The December 2017 issue of Whitechapel Society Journal contains a new article by William Beadle, “Was Ellen Bury Dismembered?”  In this short article Beadle cites medical and other evidence to refute the suggestion that Ellen Bury’s mutilations could have been an aborted attempt to dismember her body.  Issues of Whitechapel Society Journal are only available … [Read more…]